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Zeta toys Transformers - ZB-01+2+3+4+5 Kronos (aka Superion, G1 5 in 1 Combiner)

Zeta Toys - ZB Kronos - Full Set of 5 Figures includes all 5 Zeta Toys figures to form the mighty Kr..


JuJiang Transformers - JJ-02 Jet Commander ( aka Superion , G1 5 in 1 Combiner )

The JJ-02 Jet Commander Set from JuJiang is a five piece combiner figure Third party combiner s..


JuJiang Transformers - JJ-01 Oversize Classics Optimus Prime ( MP10 Ratio )

Material: ABS, Die-castHeights : 24.5cm 9.7’’Oversized Classics Optimus Prime.Comes with moveable ha..


JuJiang Transformers - JJ-03 Strike Commander ( KO MTCD-01 Striker Manus )

High Quality knock off of the Maketoys MTCD-01 Striker ManusRobot Height : approx. 24cm..